Your Guide to Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Enika Vania

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident? Have a read through this guide for all the basic information that you’ll need to proceed with a motorcycle accident lawsuit. 

What You Can Claim 

You’ll need to find yourself a motorcycle accident attorney; if you live anywhere near Michigan then Michigan Motorcycle accident lawyers are a great option. Your lawyer should show that the behavior of another party caused you to be injured. 

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, there are several kinds of damages that you could claim. These could take the form of medical bills, physical pain and suffering, mental health consequences, property damage, loss of income, or punitive damage. As the person who has suffered and is the victim of a motorcycle accident, your number one priority should be to claim in order to feel as comfortable as possible. Whether this is money to cover medical bills, mental health treatment for anxiety after the accident, or money to cover the time that you had to take off work, every little bit is worth it to feel like yourself again. 

Determining The Fault 

You’ll need to identify the cause of the accident and the parties responsible for it. An accident isn’t always one person’s fault. If the accident was caused by drunk or irresponsible driving then the blame is usually easy to place. However, often the accident will have been caused by multiple factors and faults on both parties’ end. 

The most common causes of motorcycle crashes include drivers changing lanes and not checking to see if a motorcyclist is behind them, faulty motorbikes with engine parts that start malfunctioning on the road, potholes, poorly maintained roads and debris on the road itself. 

When thinking about who the liable party is, it could be other drivers, the government for poor road design or faulty roads, or the manufacturer of a defective motorcycle that has malfunctioned despite being sold to you in good condition. 

In the cases where there are multiple parties at fault, you’ll need to determine who was responsible for what. For example, a motorcycle accident might begin because another motorcycle, cyclist or car swerving to avoid a pothole – this could end up with the motorcyclist in question moving too close to a passenger in a parked car, who then opened their car door. This is, of course, quite an extreme example, but you should be aware of the fact that accidents are often many people’s fault. 

The Process of Claiming 

It’s important to understand the process of a motorcycle accident lawsuit. There are several steps in the proceedings and understanding each step can help you understand how far along in the process you are and what you expect next. The steps are as follows: the service of the answer, the discovery (in which each side of the lawsuit tries to gather information), motions, conferences, and then the trial itself. Familiarizing yourself with each individual step and what it entails can help you feel more secure in the process. 

Being in an accident of any kind can be really tough. Accidents can affect your entire quality of life with no warning so filing a lawsuit and getting the necessary monetary compensation is absolutely vital.

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