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There are around 280 million vehicles and over 220 million people have a driver’s license in the US according to Statista. The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that only China and India have more car accidents resulting in death than the US. According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), there were 33,324 accidents in the US in 2019. These accidents resulted in 39,096 deaths. The traffic death rate in the US is at an all-time high. Due to the scary nature of all this data, it is important to recognize how important it is to have people that can help you seek medical and financial compensation for car accidents, lawyers. 

Who is a car accident attorney? What do they do?

Car accident lawyers help individuals that have been victims of car accidents to secure compensation for damages. They help car accident victims (who suffered these accidents through no fault of their’s) to get compensation. Impaired drivers, bad roads, and filibustering insurance companies can make seeking compensation a hassle so, it is advisable to involve car accident lawyers. If an external party is at fault for your accident, then you should seek compensation. Car accident lawyers can help you get compensated for vehicle damage, medical bills, and wages lost due to the injury and recovery process. 

Qualities of a good car accident lawyer

Empathy; A primary quality you want your car accident lawyer to have is empathy. The lawyer has to possess a certain level of emotional intelligence to show compassion for what you went through. You want a lawyer that understands your situation and feels for you and genuinely wants to help you get compensation for your accident. 

Experience handling successful cases similar to yours: You need to look out for a lawyer with experience in the field of car accident-related cases. When you need to hire a car accident lawyer, one of the first things to look out for should be the lawyer’s record in cases similar to yours. How successful is the lawyer when it comes to cases with a similar profile to yours? How successful has the lawyer been at securing car injury claims? Make sure to hire a good lawyer with impeccable results when battling car injury cases. Your case should be handled by a winner who gets their clients what they deserve.

References: If the lawyer has a healthy amount of experience then they should have a good number of people that they have worked with and can refer you to. Those references are not only proof of a job well done, but they can also help understand the process even better. Speaking to references can give you a different overview of what is to come during the case.

Communication skill: Look for lawyers who not only have experience of the law but can break it down into digestible bits for the common man. Laws can be difficult to grasp. A good lawyer must be clear & concise with explanations. The lawyer should be an expert communicator. They need this skill to help you understand and begin to build a case to receive your claims. 

In conclusion, when seeking a lawyer to help get compensation for a car accident, experience is important. A lawyer with winning experience will have the communication skills to explain what is best for you and the negotiation skills to get what is best for you. On the emotional side, you need a lawyer that can empathize with you and be emotionally intelligent enough to see things from your perspective. When you find a lawyer with all these qualities, you have taken a step towards getting what you deserve. 

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