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Traditionally, Rule 7.5 of the Regulations of Specialist Perform strictly prohibited the use of trade names by legislation companies in New York. Some assumed the use of trade names for attorneys was “beneath” the qualified dignity of attorneys and could be deceptive to customers. Others  assumed that, by such as a trade name, legal professionals could industry their companies far better and a lot more proficiently, which would benefit shoppers by quickly providing them with a rapid and easy seem-bite of the legislation firm’s practice. In addition, people legal professionals in favor of employing trade names for their firms observed their use as a way of probably growing their firm’s organization.

On June 24, 2020, New York Rule of Specialist Conduct 7.5, entitled “Professional Notices, Letterheads, and Names,” was amended to allow the use of a trade title in a law agency name.  This amendment should guide regulation firms in building a brand to guide them in advertising and marketing their products and services.

Of program, the new rule is made up of some limitations and constraints. The use of a trade identify could impact also the valuation of this kind of legislation firms in the context of sale pursuant to Rule 1.17. We explore these issues in this month’s column.

Modification to Rule 7.5

The amendment to Rule 7.5 states, in pertinent section:

Rule 7.5 Specialist Notices, Letterheads, and Names

(a) A attorney or regulation company may perhaps use online web sites, skilled cards, qualified announcement cards, business indications, letterheads or similar professional notices or devices, delivered the very same do not violate these Guidelines or any statute or court rule.

(b)(1) A lawyer in personal apply shall not observe beneath: (i) a phony, deceptive, or misleading trade identify (emphasis additional).

Appropriately, Rule 7.5 now permits regulation corporations to use a trade name furnished the trade identify is not “false, misleading, or deceptive.” So, a trade name that describes an work law agency as “The Work Legislation Firm” seems to be in compliance with Rule 7.5, but the trade identify “The Normally Acquire Law Firm” or the like would be plainly prohibited.

Rule 7.5 involves two other restrictions on the use of a trade title. 1 limitation prohibits the misleading use of the designation “not for gain,” which is not generally relevant to business regulation firms. The wider-ranging limitation is that “[a] attorney or regulation firm in non-public apply may possibly not consist of the identify of a nonlawyer in its firm title.” Rule 7.5 (2)(iii). A law organization, therefore, simply cannot integrate the name of a nonlawyer in its trade name. Appropriately, the trade title “Babe Ruth Law” would not be permitted until Mr. Ruth was a husband or wife and an legal professional.

What Is a ‘Tradename’?

While Rule 7.5 works by using the phrase “trade name” (two text), Black’s Regulation Dictionary utilizes “tradename” (just one phrase).

In accordance to Black’s Regulation Dictionary, a “tradename” is described as: “A title, style, or symbol employed to distinguish a corporation, partnership, or company (as opposed to a merchandise or support) the name under which a small business operates. • A tradename is a usually means of determining a organization — or its goods or companies — to set up goodwill. It symbolizes the business’s standing.”  (Emphasis added).

Goodwill and the Sale of a Law Organization Employing a Trade Title

Rule 1.17 of the New York Procedures of Expert Conduct permits the sale of a law company, such as its goodwill.  Rule 1.17 states in pertinent part:

A law firm retiring from a non-public apply of law a legislation organization, just one or more customers of which are retiring from the personal exercise of legislation with the business or the own representative of a deceased, disabled or lacking attorney, might promote a legislation practice, including goodwill, to just one or far more legal professionals or legislation companies, who may buy the apply. The vendor and the customer could concur on acceptable limits on the seller’s private exercise of regulation, notwithstanding any other provision of these Regulations. Retirement shall consist of the cessation of the non-public apply of law in the geographic location, that is, the county and city and any county or metropolis contiguous thereto, in which the observe to be sold has been carried out.

Rule 1.17 (emphasis added).

Even ahead of the foregoing modification to Rule 7.5, amid the significant commercial issues for those buying and promoting a law agency is the continued use of the previous firm’s name and its goodwill. The use of a unique trade title would probable boost that goodwill price.

A trade identify, thus, is element of the establishment of a legislation firm’s goodwill. The development of an effective trade title could increase a regulation firm’s goodwill, which, in the situation of sale of a regulation practice or in a valuation of a legislation organization, can, in selected conditions, incorporate goodwill as an  intangible asset.

The definition of goodwill, on the other hand, is far from clear, but some historic and slightly additional modern definitions are useful. Joseph Story in his Commentaries on the Law of Partnership furnished the adhering to about goodwill:

This superior-will may well be effectively enough described to be the benefit or profit which is acquired by an institution outside of the mere benefit of the funds, inventory, cash, or property employed therein, in consequence of the common community patronage and encouragement which it receives from continual or recurring customers, on account of its area posture or frequent superstar, or standing for talent or affluence, or punctuality, or from other accidental situations or necessities, or even from ancient partialities or prejudices.

Joseph Tale, Commentaries on the Law of Partnership §99 (7th ed. 1881).

The New York Court of Appeals, in 1996, in the context of a regulation organization dissolution, more only defined goodwill as follows: “The phrase ‘goodwill’ refers to the ‘ability to entice consumers as [a] outcome of [the] firm’s identify, location, or the standing of [its] lawyers.’” Dawson v. White & Situation, 88 N.Y.2d 666, 670 (1996) (citing Black’s Legislation Dictionary 695 [6th ed]).

Accordingly, due to the fact the goal of a trade identify is exactly to “attract clientele as [a] final result of [the] firm’s title,” in the sale of a legislation agency, pursuant to Rule 1.17, it appears that the trade name could be valued and sold as aspect of goodwill and would be permitted by Rule 1.17.

Determining the benefit of a law firm’s freshly-permitted trade identify in a sale is possible a function for a skilled company appraiser or can be derived from a negotiation between lawyers who are the seller and buyer. No matter, it would show up that elements to be viewed as are: the cost of establishing the trade name, its duration of use, and any maximize in firm income or compensation to a firm’s partners because the inception of the trade name.


With the amendment to Rule 7.5, law companies can use a trade name which is not fake, misleading, or misleading.  The use of a trade name can increase a firm’s regulation follow, make the firm much more available to clients, and, in the context of a sale, be a worthwhile intangible asset of the company. For all these explanations, the latest amendment to Rule 7.5 really should be received with enthusiasm by associates of the bar.


Arthur J. Ciampi is the coauthor of the treatise ‘Law Business Partnership Agreements’ and is the running member of Ciampi LLC. Maria Ciampi, of counsel to Ciampi LLC, assisted in the preparing of this article.


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