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Have you ever questioned why courts do not get sanctions extra often? Putting apart the litigation flurry given that the election, there seem to be to be extra instances exactly where sanctions may well be a good way to explain to the attorneys that their circumstance is not deserving of expending judicial time and assets, particularly in these days of COVID-19. Reading advance sheets, several articles, and remembering my days in court, I am puzzled as to why the hammer doesn’t appear down extra usually on absurd, frivolous litigation, as if the courts really do not have nearly anything else to do.

Let me give you just one example. A case was experimented with to a jury on a issue of pen-snatching. Indeed, you go through that appropriate, pen-snatching. A plaintiff legal professional (who else?) sued New York Metropolis and two law enforcement officers. The basis: when the lawyer tried out to serve a lawsuit on the division, the workplace for assistance of system was closed. 1 police officer grabbed the attorney’s pen as he attempted to create down the officer’s title and protect quantity. The pen was returned to the attorney within minutes.

The attorney had alleged constitutional violations, as effectively as assault and battery and other rates. The jury awarded the plaintiff attorney $1 for the pen-snatching. The attorney sought additional than $44,000 in attorney’s fees. The district courtroom resolved that “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,” and awarded the legal professional $1, acquiring the circumstance trivial. Naturally, the legal professional “respectfully disagrees” with the charge award. When has an attorney who wasn’t awarded charges or they have been awarded in a lesser volume than sought ever agreed with the final decision?

This is just another example of how silly legal professionals can look and do surface to the nonlawyer population. As the district courtroom stated, though the verdict may well be personally significant to the plaintiff, no 1 else cares. No a person else should really treatment other than for the squander of judicial time and assets in making an attempt this circumstance. What do you believe the jury thought getting to sit by means of this dreck in the center of a pandemic? Could the award of $1 alternatively of the a lot more than $44,000 sought be an implicit sanction?

And sanctions aren’t just for attorneys. The Kentucky Judicial Perform Fee took a demo courtroom decide to endeavor for intemperate habits, sanctioning him for, among other issues, a temper tantrum on the bench.

A single of the a lot of things we convey to clientele not to do: “Don’t do anything that could show up in the information media.” Do we adhere to our possess assistance? Probably, probably not. Here’s a cautionary tale for all of us. Renowned LA lawyer Tom Girardi is in a pickle in Chicago. He’s alleged to have siphoned off settlement resources thanks to his clientele to the tune of $2 million. Not only is Girardi regarded in his own appropriate, but he’s also recognised as the spouse of Erika Jayne, a person of TV’s Serious Housewives of Beverly Hills. The Girardis do not live in Beverly Hills, by the way, and Mrs. Girardi has not too long ago submitted for divorce.

The courtroom in Chicago overseeing the distribution of settlement proceeds has frozen all of Girardi’s property and those people of his company. It’s not a rather image. Collectors are threatening to file an involuntary individual bankruptcy petition.

Girardi is in a planet of hurt appropriate now. Not only could he encounter self-control by the Point out Bar (and we all know or should really know what a dim view bar discipline peeps choose of promises of misappropriation), the federal court referred the make a difference for achievable prison investigation. (Shades of Michael Avenatti, remember him?) And the U.S. Attorney’s office environment in Chicago has questioned the court docket to unseal a court docket filing in which Girardi’s law firm admitted that the $2 million appeared to be missing. This is going to go way beyond sanctions. Loss of bar license and popularity, among the other matters, appear to be to be in jeopardy.

Keep in mind the childhood phrase “Liar, liar, trousers on hearth?” With any luck ,, you will get the reference in this opinion by the Ohio Supreme Court. It had beforehand disciplined the lawyer (suspending him from apply for a time period) for misconduct for participating in a sexual romantic relationship with an indigent customer in a prison case. The legal professional lied about it to the court together with other offenses. Seemingly, not sensation sufficiently chastised, the legal professional ongoing his merry way, appropriate right after getting suspended, engaging in the exact same sort of conduct that acquired him suspended in the first place: lying to still another courtroom and his shoppers about the suspension, forging his client’s title on a settlement test with no authority to do so and other folderol, not designed to boost his name with the court docket.

The court, (selecting that the attorney was, to use my client’s phrase and not the court’s “a lying sack of sh–”) identified a sample of misconduct that ongoing from his initially disciplinary suspension, lying to the trial court docket on various situations. “We can only presume that [the attorney’s trousers are charred from the variety of falsehoods that he has perpetuated” in his prior disciplinary and the existing one. Some sayings still keep correct.

And very last, but not minimum, a shout out to LawProfBlawg (I am ignoring the “Dr.” in entrance of the name) who criticizes the dismissive mind-set toward Dr. Jill Biden making use of her “Dr.” in her title. As the Prof points out, this is however a further case in point of the usually-demeaning frame of mind towards women’s achievements on their have. It is very little new, regretably, but that angle ought to quit and the way to do that is to push back versus these kinds of nonsense. Dr. Biden is the incoming First Woman and will continue to educate full time. What about the incoming Second Gentleman, Douglas Emhoff, who will be training at Georgetown? Will he be ready to satisfy his responsibilities as Second Gentleman while training? Would everyone check with that issue? I doubt it.

Jill Switzer has been an lively member of the Point out Bar of California for about 40 yrs. She remembers practicing legislation in a kinder, gentler time. She’s experienced a assorted lawful career, including stints as a deputy district lawyer, a solo observe, and a number of senior in-house gigs. She now mediates complete-time, which offers her the possibility to see dinosaurs, millennials, and these in-among interact — it’s not normally civil. You can arrive at her by e mail at [email protected].

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