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Enika Vania

It’s a crowded field of candidates for the Danville Town Council election this fall.

Nine local residents are currently competing for three available at-large council seats on the Nov. 3 ballot, which will see incumbent council members Newell Arnerich and Renee Morgan and newcomers business owner Mohamed Elsherbini, senior commissioner David Fong, tech engineer Nasser Mirzai, business consultant PJ Shelton, former town commissioner Turner Stanton, businessman Allen Timmons and retired cop Kevin Traylor.

Alphabetically first in the candidate list for Town Council, Arnerich is a longtime community leader who has been a staple of the council for more than 25 years — including six turns as mayor. Seeking a historic seventh term on the council, he has the most experience in civic governance of any candidate this year.

Squaring off against the eight other candidates is political newcomer and business owner Elsherbini. While Elsherbini lacks previous elected and commission experience, he has served as an ambassador for the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce and possesses 33 years of business experience through his travel company.

Another council hopeful, Fong is well-known among civil servants in Danville after having served on a number of education and health committees. Most recently he has served as a member of the Danville Senior Advisory Commission, and as a government-appointed member of the California State Board of Pharmacy.

Mirzai is another political newcomer seeking to serve his community, and hopes to bring his more than 40 years of experience as a “senior executive technologist” and businessman to the town. In addition to his business experience, Mirzai has previously volunteered on the San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs Executive Board as a legislative advocate.

The other incumbent seeking re-election, Morgan has served on the Town Council for two terms, including a year serving as the town’s mayor in 2016. Campaigning on experience and a depth of experience in civic governance, prior to being selected on the council Morgan served in a variety of leadership roles for the town including on the Danville Planning Commission, Historic Design Review and Heritage Resource Commission.

Campaigning as a statesperson and not a politician, longtime resident Shelton seeks to bring decades of experience in a wide number of fields to the council. This experience was built while serving in a number of business capacities such as logistics and development, teaching and coaching students.

An active member of his community and 2013 graduate of San Ramon Valley High School, Stanton has gained civic experience while serving on the town’s Parks and Leisure Services Commission and recently served as co-chair for the Recover Danville Alliance — the latter of which was created in order to tackle the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Another longtime resident and business executive, Timmons owns and operates Western Steel & Wire located in San Francisco, which he says will eliminate any conflicts of interests while serving on the council.

The final candidate on the council ballot is Traylor, a retired police officer who has served in a variety of investigative and leadership positions while working as an officer. He has also served as Danville’s appointee on the Contra Costa County Transit Authority and as a director on the Youth 2 Youth Community Against Substance Abuse

While an incumbent has never lost a re-election bid in the history of Danville, the town is ensured that at least one new face will appear on the council after Vice Mayor Lisa Blackwell announced that she would not be seeking re-election.

Whoever is selected to serve their town will have an abundance of pressing issues to tackle, with the coronavirus pandemic still raging, an economic downturn affecting many residents and calls for social justice reform in the community.

To help local voters get to know their candidates before casting their ballots, asked each to submit a statement of up to 300 words to readers about their campaigns for office. Read their statements here:

Newell Arnerich

As a six term Mayor, I have helped guide Danville through three economic downturns and rebuilt much of Old Town Danville. Prior to the pandemic, Danville was experiencing its best years both financially as one of the most cost-effective cities and as the safest community in California. This did not happen by chance, it was carefully planned. I continue my deep commitment to maintaining Danville’s ‘small town atmosphere and outstanding quality of life’ while preserving our 43{5565a835e8436fceab45047feb07d9b08a17131f67bfa451fc3dea7831c5a73d} permanent open-space.

The pandemic is affecting all of us, including businesses and Town government. No one is untouched by the totality of recent events. The combined health and economic crises have created significant challenges. I have worked tirelessly with our Chamber, non-profits and our local businesses ‘one-on-one’ to make Danville a successful place to do business. More than ever we need experienced leadership to carefully deal with recovery.

Top Priorities:

* Protect our small-town atmosphere

* Maintain fiscal responsibility with balanced budget, high reserves

* Preserve our open space

* Keep Danville the Safest Community in California

* Promote a thriving downtown and our overall business community

* Locally controlled planning and housing needs

* Continue addressing the impacts of COVID-19.

I am confident that our future looks bright and a carefully guided safe return to economic and health prosperity lies ahead. I have guided Danville with no debt, no post-retirement obligations, no unfunded liabilities and is the most cost-effective community in the area.

My experience includes planning the Danville Library, Veterans Memorial Building/Senior Center and Oak Hill Community Center. I am honored to work with returning veterans including: Operation Welcome Home, Sentinels of Freedom, East Bay Stand Down, Operation Wounded Minds and Mental Health First Aid.

I care deeply about Danville and will keep it the safest and best place to live. For more information, please visit

Mohamed Elsherbini

I am Mohamed Elsherbini and I would be honored to serve you as Town Council for Danville.

I am ready to lead and bring great and new fresh ideas to support economic growth, protect our open spaces in our community, support our schools, keep our community safe by supporting our local police and first responders. And of course supporting our local small businesses and strengthening our city with other nearby cities to bring the best that interest our residents!

I will be the vocal voice for our residents, hear their concerns and their fears.

The Magee Ranch projects brought devastation to the residents nearby, I will be sure to work on infrastructure and I will always try my best to oppose any new constructions that result in devastation to our residents and exhaust our town resources. I will keep our town charming and unique.

I have served for years as Ambassador for Danville chamber of commerce and San Ramon chamber too, I will continue to serve with integrity!

Campaign Pledge: Integrity in leadership is critical.

Our town is beautiful and charming small-town, our town architecture needs to be protected and our small businesses and restaurants in downtown can see an increase of profit if we approve Hartz free-car zone on the weekend. It will be a great idea to shop, dine and enjoy an open healthy environmental air zone.

Danville needs a “Ready Now” attitude in a new leader with the depth of fiscal and business experience essential to guide our recovery. A leader with commitment, judgement and hands-on leadership skills to represent all Danville residents on the Town Council.

I will be sure to keep Danville safe and never have a financial crisis.

For more information, please visit:

Dave Fong

My wife and I have lived and raised our family in Danville for 43 years, having benefited for all of the reasons why I moved here: a safe community with blue ribbon schools; preserved open space with parks, hiking trails; and sporting fields; and most importantly, a small town culture offering vibrant and enrichment events, activities and programs.

I am a pharmacist with 43+ years of retail senior leadership executive experience for successful local companies: Longs Drugs and Safeway; currently an executive for a digital technology start up, a former governor appointed member of the California State Board of Pharmacy, current commissioner for the Danville Senior Advisory Commission and its former chair; and member of numerous academic and industry advisory groups.

My top priority is to harness the strengths and assets that have resulted in Danville having a reputation for being one of the most desired towns to live and raise a family, and work with our town to “build an even STRONGER Danville for tomorrow.”

Emerging from COVID -19 will come with many challenges. I will leverage my years of leadership and business experiences to work smart, share a fresh perspective, and advocate a BALANCE between promoting economic growth and maintaining a healthy safe community knowing that the virus has a history of returning.

I love our town, its small businesses and support elected officials who care about our community. I will advocate for key initiatives that maintain fiscal sustainability of balanced budgets and strong reserves, preserve and protect small town culture, promote business growth, while keeping our community safe. I will be a great listener to best represent you.

Additionally, I have earned the trust and confidence of three of the five Council members, School Board members, state government and associations, business, and the community) who believe that I am one of the most qualified candidates to help build a stronger Danville.

I would appreciate your support and vote as we look forward toward “Building a Stronger Danville for Tomorrow.”

I respectfully ask for your vote. Vote for Dave Fong, Danville Town Council

Nasser Mirzai

We chose to make Danville our home over ten years ago with my amazing wife and three wonderful sons. I’ve had the privilege of connecting to many of our friends and neighbors in Danville as they shared with me their sincere concerns and how they feel left out, not listened to by elected city officials and what is important to them and our future here in Danville.

I have served our community for over 10 years in multiple capacities and more than ever, I feel it’s important to have ordinary members of this community be representing us and be our voice, be transparent with issues and decisions, guide our town through these challenges while preserving the high quality of life we deserve. It is of paramount importance to elect representatives who are respectful of our input, care for open dialogue and a willingness to work with us tackling our challenges ahead.

We have less than a month to vote out the very insular elected officials and make the much-needed changes as to how our town is managed. We can choose to be more inclusive, more transparent, support our downtown small businesses, help to revitalize our town economy, build facilities for our teenage kids, care for our citizens and better manage our environment. We can choose to be more prepared for managing pandemic crises, support social justice, compassionate responses to mental health crises, and maintain our safety record.

We can choose to protect the funding of our school, open space, maintain a fiscally responsible approach, promote responsible and thoughtful growth policies, protect and preserve our small-town downtown charm. The question is who do you want making decisions on our behalf?

As your representative, I will bring in over forty years’ experience as a successful senior executive technologist and businessman with integrity, honesty, and will embrace a collaborative spirit. I own a technology consulting company and I will be honored to be your town Council representative.

I ask for your vote Nov. 3.

Renee Morgan

Experience Matters.

I was elected to the Danville Town Council in 2012 and served as Mayor in 2016. I previously served on the Danville Planning Commission, Historic Design Review, and Heritage Resource Commission for 8 years. During this time I implemented stronger open space guidelines, tightened historic preservation guidelines and updated 2 General Plans.

During my eight years on the Danville Town Council, I have made significant progress in many areas:

* Ensured Public Safety-Safest City in California (3 years)

* Developed Strong Financial Reserves with a Sustainable Ten Year Forecast

* Protected and Preserved Open Spaces

* Expanded Services to Seniors

* Improved Parks and Fields

* Supported Local Business Outreach and Sustainability

* Enhanced Youth Programs

* Increased Bicycle Lanes and Cyclist safety

* Increased Transparency-Live Broadcast Meetings and Public Outreach

* The list goes on…

Experienced established leadership is important at a local level and regionally. My continued leadership will help Danville today and ensure our local businesses will thrive moving forward. My approach has always been proactive and hands-on with an open door policy for everyone. I also maintain diverse partnerships with public agencies, nonprofits and service organizations. My balanced leadership approach always provides the best outcome for Danville. I will continue to preserve everything great about Danville, as I have done for more than 16 years.

I grew up in a military family and my father retired as a Command Sergeant Major. I am a 30-year Danville Resident and Proud mom of two children. My 32 year old daughter attended SRVHS and my 17 year old son is a senior. My Son-in-Law recently retired from the Army and I have two beautiful grandchildren.

I graciously ask for your support and vote for my re-election.

Let’s do this together.

Thank you.

Turner Stanton

Less Machine. More Results. This election will define Danville’s future.

Being raised in Danville, a proud San Ramon Valley High School alumnus, I love this town and want to bring a desperately needed public service and results focus to the Danville Town Council.

I have over a decade of transferable leadership experience by being a voting member for three years on the Parks Commission, attending a Danville budget study session, rolling my sleeves up for Economic Development, serving as co-chair for the Recover Danville Alliance, and volunteering at cornerstone community events. I am endorsed by countless leaders, businesses, residents, educators, students, artists, and veterans.


1. Safety – Keep Danville safe by working with law enforcement and first responders. Make Danville safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

2. Community – Serve as your conduit to the town for ALL residents. I want to preserve our open space and have firsthand experience with local control and its importance. I will fight and stand up to preserve our small-town atmosphere and will not support high rise development in Danville.

3. Economic Vibrance – Protect our town’s finances while ensuring our businesses not only recover but thrive. We cannot allow our crown jewel, historic downtown, to die.


UC Riverside alumni, with a B.S. in Business Administration and Political Science minor, Summa Cum Laude.


I worked in the audit practice for one of the top four international professional services firms. Currently, I work for the same firm, but in global consulting, focused on strategy and re-imagining the customer experience through technology. As our businesses and government need to think differently, this is what I do for a living.

Stand with Stanton and vote Turner Stanton for Danville Town Council. Bring results and service to historic Danville. Visit and connect with me on social media.

PJ Shelton

Voting is inherently about the future. A future that is more equitable and sustainable.

I’m Petural ‘PJ’ Shelton and bring 36 years as a Danville resident, decades of experience in business (logistics and development specifically) and a decade of teaching, mentoring and coaching youth and helping underprivileged students and communities. I understand how things work, and, have always cared about people and the communities in which I’ve served.

Maybe most importantly, for this time and this role, I will be the first woman of color to serve on the Danville Town Council. I will be the representation for changing times ensuring equity leads — in all of our town governance.

The Town of Danville — is evolving and the political landscape is changing. I want to bring to the table the voice of those who have not been heard as our world moves into a brand new 2 st Century paradigm. I will listen to the fears and concerns of my community as we move forward together, to address economic, educational, and racial injustice and inequities. Bringing systemic changes to policy decision making to the safety of our community. Building on the strength of our platform of caring for veterans and celebrating our essential workers in all sectors.

* Affordable housing

* Shuttered small-businesses

* Town development

* Post COVID-19 Economic growth that makes sense

We need to have the tough conversations NOW for positive change and growth to happen.

My candidacy is about Centering the Unheard Voices, and giving equal weight in the decision-making of our community.

Women. People of Color. Youth. Students. Children. Differently Abled. Non- Binary genders. LGBTQ people. Economically disadvantaged families. Elders. Veterans.

Representing the CHANGE I would like to see in my community, I will be honored to serve as and represent YOU as your Danville Town Council Member.

For more information, please visit:

Allen Timmons

As a candidate for Danville City Council, I have two main initiatives:

* Save Danville

* Transparency

Save Danville:

We need to Save Danville’s Way of Life and Small Town Culture by either limiting or stopping growth. My main concern is with uncontrolled population growth. I will rigorously evaluate our limiting factors to determine if growth can occur. I will fight back against Sacramento; I won’t let the state bureaucrats dictate what Danville can or can’t do. Limiting or stopping growth doesn’t mean we stop business capitalism. I am all in favor of businesses making profit and removing government regulations that limit profitability; what I do oppose is big box companies establishing a foot print in Danville, i.e., Walmart. I personally like keeping Danville as a mom and pop, bedroom community.


Perhaps most important is transparency. Major issues, goals, projects, and infrastructure improvements need to be visible to the people of Danville and then council members need to make decisions based only on citizen’s feedback. Should I be elected, I will make sure a process is established to ensure citizen feedback is obtained and then acted upon. To the contrary, reference a recent article published by the [email protected], 9/23/20: The San Ramon city council unanimously denied residents’ appeal of the City Walk Master Plan, which included development of 4,500 housing units. This won’t happen if I’m elected.

Be assured, I have Danville’s best interest at heart. My business is located in San Francisco with no special interest ties to Danville. In addition, I have not accepted any candidate endorsements or contributions from any individual or organization. Thus, should I be elected, I will have no alliance to any special interest groups, allowing me to enact unbiased decisions, based on my initiatives, for making Danville the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH.

Learn more online at

Kevin R. Traylor

Danville has been my family’s home for 35 years. My children were raised here, where they attended elementary, middle, and high school. While I have continued to serve in a variety of community service roles.

My community service began in Oakland in 1974 when I was sworn in as Oakland’s youngest police officer. Subsequently I was promoted to Sergeant of Police in 1989 and eventually retiring in 1996.

Currently I serve as a police representative on the Oakland Police and Fire Retirement Board. These positions have allowed me to hone my skills and knowledge in legal, civil, and governmental environments. Resulting in a deep understanding of the challenges needed to succeed in each discipline.

Twenty-two years of business experience. Upon retirement from Oakland I became an insurance fraud investigator for a large insurance firm. Where I created various national investigation programs and conducting in-depth investigations of suspected insurance fraud. Affording me unique insights into every level of business operation. From small independent businesses to massive multi-million-dollar international corporations.

Priorities that I support:

1) Danville is not a place; it is our community. We must maintain our small-town culture.

2) Help residents to thrive in an environment of excellent schools, open space, parks, and cultural events.

3) Supporting our local businesses to thrive in a COVID-19 environment.

Priorities: What I Believe Needs to Change

1) Greater inclusion – open dialog that allows muffled voices to be heard.

2) Greater transparency – before and after decisions are made.

3) Keeping our community safe. While the Danville Police have done an exceptional job, we are being impacted by the expansion of surrounding communities. Our police staffing needs to keep pace with the increase in out of town visitors, traffic, and criminal activity.

Please vote Kevin Traylor for Danville Town Council.

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