Injured at Work? 6 Questions Your Construction Accident Lawyer Should Answer

Injured at Work? 6 Questions Your Construction Accident Lawyer Should Answer

As a construction worker, you want to render your services in a secure work environment. The chances of getting injured in an unprotected construction project are higher. In case of such an event, the construction manager is responsible for taking care of your injuries and other needs. However, if the management fails to honor their obligation, seek legal guidance. Your construction accident lawyer should answer the following questions before considering their services.

How Will You Handle the Case?

Before you decide to file your case, it is important to understand the process. How the lawyer will handle your case becomes vital before you decide. As you talk to the lawyer, let them explain the legal framework and its relevance to your needs. Visit and consult multiple lawyers to gauge the legal framework and avenues used when dealing with clients. By learning how to handle your case, preparing for the outcomes becomes easier. Be keen on the lawyer’s communication model and the services offered.

What Are Your Service Fees?

Like in any other case, you should be ready to pay for the services offered by the construction accident lawyer. You should understand that while most accident injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, you might need to pay more to access related services. It is important to read the retainer documents to understand your financial obligations against the services offered by the lawyer. Ensure you get an estimate of how much you can spend while handling your case in the end. Learning about the service fees becomes vital, especially when filing a compensation claim.

What Is Your Experience of Construction Accident Law?

While there are many law firms and legal professionals you can work with, only consider one with expertise in construction accident law. By asking about the construction accident lawyer’s experience in such cases, you understand their relevance to your needs. Let the lawyer take you through the construction site accidents to understand their expertise in handling related lawsuits. An experienced lawyer is an avenue to getting justice and achieving your objectives.

Is the Eligible for Compensation?

You need a reason and motive to file a construction accident lawsuit. Seeking compensation settlement is the major reason victims file for such cases. As you look for legal services, ascertain that your case is eligible for compensation. Let the lawyer assess your situation around your injuries to determine the compensation eligibility. There are parameters to measure the nature of your accident and the possible compensation. Your lawyer should make it easy to file the case and seek compensation.

How Long Can the Lawsuit Take?

Besides filing and handling the lawsuit, you should be ready to contest with other parties, including the insurance company, to achieve your objectives. This might take time and be strenuous. By asking the lawyer how long the case can take, you get to prepare and be ready to handle everything that follows. A good construction accident lawyer should assess your case, the legal and medical needs present, and other variables and estimate the time the case could take. Note that a complicated lawsuit will take longer to get resolved.

Can You Handle the Settlement Negotiation Process?

If the objective is to get compensated for the injuries sustained, ensure you hire a lawyer with productive negotiation skills. It is important to get the value of the injuries sustained as compensation. How you handle the settlement negotiation process therefore matters. A good lawyer has the skills and experience needed in the settlement negotiation process. The lawyer helps you avoid situations, including intimidation and manipulation, which can affect the settlement negotiation process.

After getting injured at a construction site due to the management’s negligence, filing a lawsuit and seeking compensation should be the next step. You, however, need proper guidance to meet your expectations. Before hiring a construction accident lawyer, seek answers to the pointed questions above.