H1b Visa Law and Requirements

Enika Vania

H1b visa has been one of the most common sources for work visas. After graduation, many clients move from school to work on OPT and begin the H1b visa process. However, H1b denials continue to increase, with the current probability for failure pegged at 32%.

H1b visa applicants must pass through a random lottery process. And while earning a selection past the crucial lottery process could seem like a significant win, it should never warrant a celebration. After the lottery, foreign nationals still need to go through a strenuous application process.

While all H1b filing requires standard basic information, including employer location, job duties, and related documents, further documentation varies from one case to the other.  Indeed, this makes the process very challenging. H1b visa law Los Angeles is not different from any other, and the filing process may often require assistance or a petition from a professional immigration attorney.

H1B Visa Requirements

Ideally, it is impossible to acquire an H1b visa without an employer or a job offer within the United States. Of course, both the beneficiary (employee) and the petitioner (employer) must participate in the visa application process.

  • As the beneficiary, ensure that you meet one or more of the following requirements;
  • Have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Have any foreign education background that is equivalent to or higher than a bachelor’s degree
  • Possess a verifiable education, training, and experience in the specialty occupation
  • Hold a certification or state license from the relevant body

Specialized Occupations for H1B Visas

Notably, not anyone can apply for an H1B visa. You may only apply and qualify for this visa if your occupation is within the fields of architecture, arts, accountancy, education, computer programming, engineering, nursing, mathematics, research, and science.
Other fields include theology, modeling, social science, medicine/health, journalism, and international business management.

H1b visa program is a temporary visa for foreigners. You can participate in the lottery if you meet any of the mentioned requirements.

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