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(Montreal) The acquittal of Gilbert Rozon for rape is only just one file: all the victims do not – and will not be – say no, assures the normal manager of the Juripop clinic, which has produced a specializing in sex crimes.

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Me Sophie Gagnon wholeheartedly hopes that the judgment rendered on Tuesday acquitting the founder of Just for Laughs will not discourage victims of sexual assault from submitting a grievance.

“From the second the expenses have been brought in opposition to him, the dread I had is that this case will be erected as a image.”

“And which is what transpired. ”

As if all the victims and the total #moiaussi worldwide denunciation motion have been explained to no on Tuesday, she stories with disappointment.

But this is only a file, she assures: convictions, there are some. As nicely as guilty pleas.

Past summer, the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) unveiled figures so that victims of sexual assault do not wait to file a complaint and argued that extra than 50{5565a835e8436fceab45047feb07d9b08a17131f67bfa451fc3dea7831c5a73d} of court docket cases guide to convictions.

Hope in this judgment

For mee Gagnon, an crucial facet of the judgment should not be disregarded.

Judge Mélanie Hébert of the Court of Quebec made use of a very good element of her choice to ruin the myths and prejudices that persist about the habits that victims of sexual crimes need to have.

“For instance, she reaffirms that if a complainant waits 40 many years ahead of submitting a criticism, that does not detract from the validity of her criticism.” This was the situation for Annick Charette, who went to the law enforcement in 2017 to accuse Gilbert Rozon for facts relationship back again to 1980.


Annick Charette, the complainant

The choose also reiterates plainly that the target does not want to say “no” to convey his deficiency of consent to sexual exercise, underlines the attorney, and also that a individual can not give his consent when he is sleeping.

“These principles will have to be claimed and retained”, insists Mr.e Gagnon.

“And even if the judgment acquitted Gilbert Rozon, he reaffirmed that justice believes the plaintiffs”.

Not on equal terms

In her conclusion, Decide Mélanie Hébert recalled just one truth of the matter: the get-togethers are not on an equivalent footing in courtroom, and the rules favor the accused.

That is suitable, agrees Me Gagnon. The rights of an accused are shielded by the Canadian Charter of Legal rights and Freedoms. This defense exists to give security to citizens versus the highly effective powers of the point out. And also simply because the outcomes of a conviction are significant, which include prison. “The target does not chance imprisonment”, spelled out the law firm.

The magistrate also wrote this passage in her judgment: “The slogan” feel the target “which is associated with the #moiaussi movement has no area in legal legislation. To acquire for granted that the complainant is telling the reality and to have to have the accused to display that she is not is contrary to the presumption of innocence ”.

Is this a critique of the denunciation movement? Me Gagnon sees it instead as a contextualization of the ideas of prison law.

The movement’s slogan is suitable with the point that in our everyday interactions, we can imagine the victims, she claims. But telling the truth of the matter is not often adequate for an accused to be convicted.

Apart from that if we want modern society to alter, we should continue to denounce and file grievances with the law enforcement, she argues.

“It is in excess of cases like this that the justice technique will make improvements to.”

She recalls that several improvements have by now been manufactured in favor of victims: she offers as an case in point this prohibition for the protection to cross-look at complainants on their sexual past. “This is no more time allowed”.

And if other variations are vital, she says, measures continue on to be taken: she remembers that Quebec has notably granted funding to the Juripop Authorized Clinic for the implementation of a pilot task to give totally free help expert services and legal suggestions for victims of sexual violence.

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