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Global Budget for Thursday, November 12, 2020

Up to date at 0100 UTC (8 p.m. Wednesday U.S. EDT).

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^Prime Stories<

^A winter surge in COVID-19 cases seems inevitable. Can we stop it?<

CORONAVIRUS-SURGE-COUNTERACT:LA _ Temperatures are dropping, nights are growing longer, the holidays are nearing, and the science is clear: The pandemic is far from over. A long, dark winter awaits.

The number of new coronavirus cases in the United States each day has ballooned from less than 40,000 in early September to more than 100,000 in early November. The U.S. now confirms more cases in a single day than China has reported since the pandemic began.

“We may be turning a corner, but not in a good way,” said Julie Swann, an expert in healthcare systems at North Carolina State University.

1150 (with trims) by Deborah Netburn. MOVED


^Trump’s postelection power plays risk troubles at home and abroad<

TRUMP-POSTELECTION-ASSESS:CON _ Since President Donald Trump lost his bid for reelection last week, his lies and lawsuits, his fuming and his firings, have left the country and the world wondering: Is he just a sore loser or a national security threat?

The Trump campaign’s allegations of widespread election fraud in public so far have run smack into the reality that judges demand evidence in the lawsuits filed in several key states _ and show no indication they could change the election result anyway.

Yet the fire that Trump’s legal strategy is starting _ one Republicans largely have not poured water on _ could dangerously erode the nation’s confidence in the election outcome, some political observers say.

1350 by John M. Donnelly and Todd Ruger in Washington. MOVED


^Xi challenges Biden with move to snuff out Hong Kong opposition<

CHINA-HONGKONG:BLO _ Chinese President Xi Jinping effectively neutered the most democratic institution under China’s rule, sending a message to Joe Biden that no amount of pressure will prompt him to tolerate dissent against the Communist Party.

China’s top legislative body on Wednesday passed a resolution allowing for the disqualification of any Hong Kong lawmakers who aren’t deemed sufficiently loyal.

950 by Iain Marlow and Natalie Lung in Hong Kong. MOVED



^Iran atomic stock swells again, complicating US return to nuclear deal<

IRAN-NUCLEAR:BLO _ Iran’s enriched-uranium stockpile swelled over the last three months, continuing to exceed limits set by a moribund accord with world powers and complicating potential efforts by U.S. President-elect Joe Biden to revive the deal.

The assessment published Wednesday by the International Atomic Energy Agency was the 20th since the Trump administration quit a deal that granted Iran sanctions relief in exchange for limits on its nuclear program. Since May 2018, the Persian Gulf country’s uranium stockpile has risen eight-fold. Biden has said the U.S. could re-enter the agreement if Iran returns to compliance.

600 by Jonathan Tirone. MOVED


^Thousands protest in Armenia after deal ceding land to Azerbaijan<

ARMENIA-AZERBAIJAN:DPA _ Thousands of protesters gathered in central Yerevan on Wednesday, with many demanding the resignation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, following a peace deal that provided territorial concessions to neighboring Azerbaijan.

The deal, through which Armenia formally loses control of several parts of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, ended a six-week fight between those former Soviet republics during which more than 1,000 people were reported killed.

550 by Peter Spinella and Awet Demurjan in Yerevan, Armenia. MOVED


^Several arrested as nationalists clash with police during march through Warsaw <

POLAND-MARCH:DPA _ Polish nationalists and right-wing radicals clashed with police on Wednesday and arrests were made after thousands defied a pandemic-related ban to join a self-styled “independence march” through the capital Warsaw.

Several officers were injured in the skirmishes, police said on Twitter. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets as demonstrators threw stones and fireworks at the police, images broadcast on local television showed.

Several people had been arrested by the evening.

350 by Doris Heimann in Warsaw, Poland. MOVED


^Pope reacts to sexual abuse report on former cardinal McCarrick<

RELIG-MCCARRICK-REPORT:DPA _ Pope Francis on Wednesday briefly reacted to a report on the Vatican’s investigation of sexual abuse allegations against former U.S. cardinal Theodore McCarrick, calling the issue a “painful case.”

Pope Francis professed his “closeness with victims of any kind of abuse” and said the church was committed to “eradicating this evil” in his weekly video audience published online.

McCarrick, 90, was last year labeled as a serial sexual predator by the Vatican’s disciplinary office. He was kicked out of the clergy after being found guilty of soliciting during confession and abusing adults and minors.

150 in Rome. MOVED



^Texas coronavirus cases exceed 10,000 for second day state’s total surpasses 1 million<

CORONAVIRUS-TEXAS-1ST-LEDE:AU _ The Texas Department of State Health Services reported 10,097 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, the second day in a row new cases surpassed 10,000.

The last time the daily virus toll exceeded 10,000 new cases was in July.

750 by Nicole Cobler in Austin, Texas. MOVED


^CDC declares masks also protect wearers from COVID-19, joining scientific consensus<

CORONAVIRUS-CDC-MASKS:PH _ The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says masks, even cloth ones, protect wearers from catching, as well as spreading, the coronavirus.

Yes, this is the same national health agency that initially said masks do not safeguard the general public and are needed only by health-care workers. It is the same agency that, a few months later, said a mask won’t protect the wearer from inhaling the virus _ but you should wear one anyway to protect other people in case you’re infected but don’t know it.

On Tuesday, the CDC caught up with the mounting science that shows masks do indeed protect wearers by filtering out any incoming airborne droplets.

500 by Marie McCullough. MOVED


^2 White House aides and guest of Giuliani test positive for coronavirus<

CORONAVIRUS-WHITEHOUSE:BLO _ At least three more people in President Donald Trump’s orbit _ including White House political director Brian Jack _ have tested positive for coronavirus, widening the latest outbreak to ravage the West Wing.

Jack, who attended Trump’s election night event in the White House, and one of his aides both tested positive for the virus, according to two sources familiar with the diagnosis who requested anonymity to discuss private medical information. So too did political adviser Healy Baumgardner, a Trump ally who attended the election night party as a guest of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

350 by Jennifer Jacobs and Justin Sink in Washington. MOVED


^San Francisco, long hailed for beating COVID-19, now faces a spike in cases<

CORONAVIRUS-SANFRANCISCO:LA _ It’s America’s second-densest city. Near the nation’s first recorded COVID-19 death. And home to a busy international airport.

San Francisco has for most of the pandemic managed to keep infection rates and total cases low, in part by following conservative practices, which have slowed its reopening compared with that of other California cities.

But this week, the city faces a dire test of its strategy. Cases have significantly spiked in the last week at a pace worse than that of any previous surge, which has alarmed city officials.

1550 by Rong-Gong Lin II in San Francisco. MOVED


^Cuomo orders curfew on New York restaurants and gyms, parties capped at 10 people as COVID-19 cases climb<

CORONAVIRUS-NY-RESTRICTIONS:NY _ Bars, restaurants and gyms across New York must close by 10 p.m. and private parties will be limited to 10 people as part of new coronavirus restrictions that Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday.

Cuomo’s curfew and cap on gatherings at private residences comes as COVID-19 cases skyrocket across the country and parts of Staten Island are now facing new lockdowns after being identified as a micro-cluster by the state.

750 by Michael Gartland and Denis Slattery in Albany, N.Y. MOVED


^Fla. Gov. DeSantis has spent billions in federal cash with little oversight. And the spigot runs dry soon<

CORONAVIRUS-RELIEF-FLA-SPENDING:OS _ The first reports from the state on how CARES Act money was spent show that the large influx of federal funds not only helped Florida cope with the coronavirus pandemic but also helped relieve severe revenue losses.

Florida has spent $4.6 billion in federal funds provided through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act from the onset of the coronavirus pandemic through Sept. 30, according to reports Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration filed with the U.S. Treasury Department.

The reports, obtained by the Orlando Sentinel this month after first requesting CARES Act details in September, are the first glimpse from the DeSantis administration on how it is spending the funds.

850 by Gray Rohrer in Tallahassee, Fla. MOVED


^Now you can see the COVID-19 risk anywhere in the country, in real time<


The answers to these questions _ and many more _ can be found on the free, intuitive and now peer-reviewed COVID-19 Risk Assessment Planning Tool. Built by a team of researchers at Georgia Tech, the tool is designed to help policymakers, event planners and individuals easily grasp the risks associated with gatherings of different sizes throughout the United States, and increasingly across the world.

850 by Deborah Netburn. MOVED



^Trump campaign lawsuit targets Detroit vote-counting process<

ELE-ELECTION-TRUMP-MICH:DTN _ President Donald Trump’s campaign said it filed a second lawsuit in Michigan on Tuesday seeking to stop the state’s canvassing and certification of ballots.

The Trump campaign said it filed the case in federal court, where the campaign is alleging “irregularities” in the Detroit absentee ballot counting process and concerns over a software glitch in Antrim County in northern Michigan.

900 by Beth LeBlanc in Detroit. MOVED


^Georgia launches statewide hand recount of presidential race<

ELN-ELECTION-GA-1ST-LEDE:AT _ Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger took the extraordinary step on Wednesday to order a recount of all 5 million ballots cast in the presidential election, under mounting pressure by fellow Republicans who leveled unsubstantiated accusations of voter fraud to discredit Joe Biden’s 14,000-vote lead in the state.

Flanked by local elections officials at a Capitol news conference, Raffensperger said the count will be conducted by hand under Georgia’s election audit rules before a Nov. 20 deadline to finalize results. The cost of the enormous undertaking, requiring hundreds of poll workers, wasn’t immediately clear.

1150 by Mark Niesse and Greg Bluestein in Atlanta. MOVED


^After $15 billion and 450 miles, Joe Biden will halt border wall, Trump’s signature project<

^BIDEN-BORDERWALL:DA_< Mexico never paid for any of it. It's less than half finished. And on Jan. 20 or soon thereafter, construction will come to an abrupt halt on the "big beautiful wall" that President Donald Trump promised to build along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The project has cost $15 billion so far, most of it diverted from the military budget after Congress refused to provide full funding.

President-elect Joe Biden vowed during the campaign to kill the project, but leave in place whatever the Trump administration leaves behind.

1200 (with trims) by Todd J. Gillman in Washington. MOVED


^Only 10,000 Pa. mail ballots arrived after Election Day _ far too few to change the result if they’re thrown out<

ELN-PA-BALLOTS:PH _ The vote counting continues.

Even after races are called, even after the world’s eyes turn from Pennsylvania, workers are continuing to count ballots.

Many of the remaining ballots are the slowest or most difficult to count because they have various issues that require elections officials to review them more closely. Others, such as provisional ballots, require checking voters’ eligibility and manually checking whether they had already voted.

While there are tens of thousands of remaining votes _ including about 10,000 that arrived during a three-day post-Election Day grace period that Republicans are challenging in court _ many of the remaining ballots are not being challenged in any way and will be counted. And the remaining votes being challenged, even if all of them are thrown out, would not reverse Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania.

900 by Jonathan Lai in Philadelphia. MOVED


^California went big for Biden. Now its cities, counties and schools are seeking relief<


Now, officials in the state’s major urban areas, and in multiple sectors of local government, are hoping Biden can engineer a burst of financial support, helping Californians reeling from job losses and struggling to educate their children, while stemming the spread of COVID-19.

Few big cities in California have more on the line than Los Angeles, which is grappling with a major homelessness crisis and a projected deficit of at least $400 million by the end of June _ a figure equal to nearly all of the city’s reserves.

1500 (with trims) by David Zahniser, Benjamin Oreskes and Dakota Smith in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Biden’s lead over Trump in popular vote grows to 5 million<

ELN-ELECTION-POPULARVOTE:NY _ President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday was leading President Donald Trump by about 5 million popular votes.

With millions of ballots still to be counted, Biden leads with about 77 million votes nationwide, according to The Associated Press _ the most any American presidential candidate has ever won.

200 by Dave Goldiner. MOVED


^Mike Pence cancels Florida vacation to help Trump effort to overturn presidential election<


The vice president scrapped plans for a Florida vacation so he could help lead President Donald Trump’s effort to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win in last week’s election, the Washington Post reported.

Pence gave Republican senators a presentation Tuesday on Trump’s legal efforts to cast doubt on Biden’s victory, and urged them to stick by the president’s side.

250 by Dave Goldiner. MOVED


^2 who gave depositions in Jeffrey Epstein case miss deadline for keeping their testimony secret<

EPSTEIN-MAXWELL:MI _ A deadline has passed without opposition from two parties whose depositions in the bitter lawsuit between disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s accused co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, and an Epstein accuser are set to be made public.

The two nonparties in the now-settled civil dispute between Maxwell and accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre had until Nov. 5 to oppose the way their names would be redacted as well as references that might identify them.

But in a filing late Tuesday in New York by Giuffre’s lawyers to U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska, they said no opposition came in against the release of documents as proposed.

1100 by Kevin G. Hall and Ben Wieder. MOVED


^Tropical Storm Eta still causing issues locally as it prepares to crash into Gulf Coast<

WEA-ETA-1ST-LEDE:FL _ Tropical Storm Eta is still making its presence felt in South Florida, even as it threatens the Gulf Coast with a likely Thursday landfall.

South Florida was under a variety of warnings and watches Wednesday, including a severe weather advisory for Broward and Palm Beach counties.

700 (with trims) by Chris Perkins, David Fleshler and Robin Webb in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.. MOVED


^Former officer charged in Breonna Taylor shooting case is accused of rape<

KY-POLICE-DEATH-EXOFFICER:AT _ The former Louisville, Kentucky, police officer who faces criminal charges in the Breonna Taylor shooting case is accused of preying on women and sexually assaulting a college student he drove home from a bar in 2018, according to a lawsuit filed this week in Jefferson County Circuit Court.

Brett Hankison was fired June 23 for his role in the botched raid on Taylor’s apartment in March.

Around the same time he was fired, an investigation was launched into at least two sexual assault claims by women who leveled accusations against him on social media, according to The Washington Post.

900 by ArLuther Lee. MOVED


^More than 1,000 supporters urge Trump to stop Kansas woman’s execution<

DEATHSENTENCE-WOMAN:KC _ A coalition of more than 1,000 supporters on Wednesday urged President Donald Trump to stop the execution of a Kansas woman who killed an expectant mother, citing horrific abuse and mental illness.

Lisa Montgomery, 52, would be the first woman executed by the federal government in 67 years. She is scheduled to die by lethal injection Dec. 8.

400 by Cortlynn Stark in Kansas City, Mo. MOVED


^500 Asian giant hornets found in nest eradicated last month in Washington state<

WASHSTATE-MURDERHORNETS:SE _ State entomologists confirmed Tuesday they discovered more than 500 Asian giant hornets _ including nearly 200 queens _ in the nest they pulled from a tree last month.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture announced Oct. 23 that one of its teams had found the nest, the first in the United States, inside a tree near Blaine, Whatcom County. They initially reported it had 98 hornets inside and that another 85 had been vacuumed into a special container. In a virtual news conference this week, WSDA managing entomologist Sven Spichiger revised those numbers way upward.

700 by Elise Takahama in Seattle. MOVED



^Sony hopes the PlayStation 5 will become a long-term cash cow<


The new PlayStation is Sony’s most important gadget since the Walkman, and it goes head-to-head with Microsoft Corp.’s next-generation Xbox over the holidays. The PlayStation 5 is anchored by the new Spider-Man game. Both consoles have chalked up solid sales since initial orders started in September, straining supplies.

700 by Vlad Savov and Takashi Mochizuki. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED



^’Roma’ star Yalitza Aparicio’s next big role? Hosting the Latin Grammys<


The Mexican and Indigenous actress has been tapped to emcee Latin music’s biggest night after original co-host Roselyn S nchez dropped out due to an injury. The Latin Recording Academy announced Wednesday that Aparicio would take over hosting duties alongside actress Ana Brenda Contreras and singer Carlos Rivera.

550 by Christi Carras. MOVED


^CNN scores rare ratings win over Fox News Channel with presidential election coverage<


CNN averaged 5.941 million viewers and Fox News Channel 5.726 million for its prime-time programming between Nov. 2 and Sunday, according to live-plus-same-day figures released Tuesday by Nielsen.

450 by Ed Stockly.



^Commentary: Michael R. Bloomberg: Biden’s big climate opportunity<


This time, it’s imperative that President-elect Joe Biden take a whole-government approach to climate action right from the get-go. To his credit, his ambitious climate plan recognizes that there is much he can accomplish without Congress _ and some of the most important steps he can take have nothing to do with the Environmental Protection Agency.

1050 by Michael R. Bloomberg. MOVED


^Commentary: Steel yourself for new steel tariffs, even though they harm consumers and cost jobs<


The Commerce report isn’t public yet, but there is word that it could recommend new tariffs on steel imports from nearly every country in the world. The administration has a history of imposing national security tariffs on steel imports, even on U.S. allies.

800 by Tori K. Smith. MOVED


^Commentary: No Black institutions are among the top research universities here’s why that must change<


750 by David Wilson. MOVED


^Timothy L. O’Brien: Why Trump fears leaving the White House<


Born into a wealthy family, he was insulated from lukewarm academic prospects and serial business crack-ups by his father’s money. (“I often say that I’m a member of the lucky sperm club,” is how he put it in one of his books.) Emerging as a reality-TV star in the early 2000s, Trump discovered that fame allowed him to be as predatory as he pleased without repercussions. (“When you’re a star, they let you do it.”) And his 2016 ascent to the White House opened his eyes to the presidency’s legal armor _ which he interpreted broadly and often inaccurately. (“I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”)

Now, however, Trump is staring at two threats that loom after he leaves the White House in January.

900 by Timothy L. O’Brien. MOVED


^Dahleen Glanton: Black women and Latinas are poised to start a political revolution without white women<


Of course, many white women will be involved because of their sheer numbers. But the last two presidential elections have shown that white women as a whole are not as reliable as Black women and Latinas when it comes to voting in our best interest.

So, we are prepared to start the revolution without them.

1000 by Dahleen Glanton. MOVED


^Editorial: A wary world watches US election turmoil<


In Berlin, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in a statement that, “During the election campaign, Joe Biden made it clear that he believes in Team Play when it comes to the United States on (the) international stage instead of acting on its own. We want the West to play as a team again.”

Without mentioning President Donald Trump by name, a similar sentiment seemed to take hold across the continent, as allies offered quick congratulations to a man they’ve known from his years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as vice president for another trusted transatlantic advocate, Barack Obama.

550 by Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Time for Aung San Suu Kyi to starting acting like the Nobel winner she is<


For only the second time since it transitioned from a military dictatorship into a fledgling democracy in 2015, voters in the South Asian country of Myanmar went to the polls to elect members of its parliament. The ruling National League of Democracy, the party of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, appears to be winning a healthy majority again. Just as in the U.S., masses of voters turned out, enduring long lines despite a surge of coronavirus cases.

That may sound like a thriving democracy, but Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been anything but.

700 by The Times Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: A president speaks as a president should<


He announced the 13 expert physicians and other scientists who will advise him on COVID-19. Their credentials are awesome. When they say a vaccine is safe and effective, it will be safe to believe them.

Most of all, he appealed to everyone to help save lives now by simply wearing face masks.

800 by Sun Sentinel Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Vaccine news is promising but not a COVID ‘cure’<


But the announcement does not mean it’s time to cast aside face masks or other precautions. Nor is it accurate to say that COVID is now “cured,” as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, irresponsibly posted on Twitter.

550 by Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: DeSantis would let more killers in Florida off the hook with expanded Stand Your Ground<


The Miami Herald reported Tuesday that the governor has drafted “anti-mob” legislation that would expand Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to allow armed citizens to shoot looters or anyone engaged in “criminal mischief.”

This gives vigilantes, hotheads and the simply mistaken too much leeway to open fire.

550 by The Miami Herald Editorial Board. MOVED


^Editorial: Now is the time to celebrate American democracy, not sow more division<


That’s something not only to celebrate, but to see as a reflection of the greatness of our democratic system, where no matter how deep our policy differences, or strained our societal bonds, we resolve our differences at the ballot box.

700 by Dallas Morning News Editorial. MOVED




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