100 colleges whose grads go on to earn the most | Personal Finance

College seniors will be entering a job market seemingly unlike any other next spring. Still, that doesn’t mean that colleges and universities aren’t preparing students for life after midterms and dissertations. Plenty of schools across the country are setting up virtual job fairs, providing online office hours for career development, and reaching out to companies to create co-op programs for potential student hires. And while finding high-paying jobs might be harder than in years past, there are plenty of schools that have a history of placing their graduates into big companies.

Stacker compiled a list of the colleges whose graduates earn the most, using 2020 data from PayScale. Colleges are ranked by the highest mid-career earnings, with ties broken by early career earnings. Mid-career earnings are median salary for alumni with 10+ years of experience, and early career earnings are for alumni with 0-5 years of experience. Slides also include the percentage of students earning degrees in STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Many schools produce yearly reports of graduated students’ placement, which usually includes if they are employed, attending graduate school, applying to graduate school, in a fellowship program, serving in the military, or searching for jobs. While some fields dictate some kind of prerequisite before full-time employment—like a paid internship or mentor program—it’s not uncommon for new graduates to be thrown right into the fire and land jobs with major industry players like Amazon, Citi, and Google.

Did your school make the list? Read on to find out and learn other morsels of information, like the non-aquatic environments where Coast Guard trainees go on to work, which schools employ “micro internship” programs, and the surprising #1 on the list. And be sure to check out related Stacker topics, such as college majors that make the most money.

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